Our, CEO, Krysta Masciale gives two main speeches for the larger group setting. A) She will give you a 30,000 foot view of B!G DEAL BRANDING’s disruptive philosophy and trump myths about what branding is today. B) She will break down the three lessons no one ever taught her before becoming an entrepreneur. As a keynote speaker, she feels it’s important to invest in the community and spend time with attendees to answer questions off stage. Krysta is willing to allot time for this if appropriate.


Our workshops break down each step of our Brand Therapy process. It’s highly interactive and intense. Participants should come to this class ready to work (hence the name .. WORKshop). This format comes in both 2 and 4 hours segments and covers the following topics: values, personal strengths, goal-setting, brand messaging, identifying ideal client and tips for hiring a designer. If you want our full team, we offer full-day and weekend workshop options that cover all the above in addition to design tips, individual brand critiques and partner dynamics.


Why speaking? And what the hell makes us so special?

We’re in the business of making an actual impact. Speaking gives us the opportunity to invest in entrepreneurs we otherwise wouldn’t get to work with and set the record straight about our industry. We’re aware we have very little time to build trust, engage your audience and make that impact. Lucky for you, we’re known for telling it like it is. Shooting the shit and wasting your time isn’t one of our strengths. Some say it’s offensive. For those people, we say that perhaps you should hire someone who makes a living coddling egos. For those of you who want to take control of your futures, own who you are and build filters to attract the right clients, we say let’s get busy. If you can’t tell, we’re all about being honest, straight forward and helpful. It’s the perfect formula for people who don’t want to leave on a conference high only to find themselves paralyzed by information when they get home. So why us? We say what needs to be said, not what’s comfortable. We offer tangible and clear action steps for taking your brand one step forward. Period.